Doughnut Display Accessories

Donut Display Accessories

Donuts are a playful and delicious dessert for your party guests, and fun to serve. With so many innovative flavor combinations, glazes, and types available they have become a popular dessert treat to pair with or have instead of a traditional wedding cake. It’s a cool alternative, especially if the bride and groom aren’t the biggest cake fans. We’ve assembled an awesome collection of donut accessories to help you serve your donuts with flair.

One of the reasons, besides them being a tasty treat, that donuts have become a popular wedding day dessert is their convenient shape. There are many ways to arrange the donuts to make a beautiful display. That way, they’re not just a way of serving dessert but an element of the venue décor. Pegboards are the perfect, artful way to display an arrangement of donuts. Explore our selection of inexpensive personalised donut boards. Sized to sit on tabletops, you can get more than one of the wooden pegboards and set them up to make a larger display, or if you are offering other desserts, stick with a single board. Then you simply replace the donuts as they’re snagged by guests off the board. The donuts look cute arranged on a tray, too, so you can do a combination arrangement using both a pegboard rack and serving trays.

Included with the rest of our display options are cute favor boxes to hold individual donuts. The cute boxes with the cellophane window let you beautifully wrap donut favors for your party guests so you can send your guests home with one of your delicious donuts at the end of the night. Add a personlised tag or sticker to the box for a nice finishing touch.

But donuts are a choice dessert option for all kinds of celebrations. The bride and groom can serve them at the engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette. Their ring-like shape perfect for wedding-related festivities but donuts are great for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more. That’s why we’ve got a range of personalised designs available so you can choose one that fits non-wedding related occasions too.