Sunglasses in Fashion Colors

Sunglasses Party favors – Wedding Favor Sunglasses

Sometimes, you simply must wear shades and one of the best ways to infuse your special event with an aura of cool is to choose custom sunglasses for event attendees. Browse our collection of sunglasses to find styles that are suitable for any occasion, including people being honored at the event. For example, how cute would a colorful pair of sunglasses be as a wedding favor with the wedding date and the couple's first names included on the sides? Other neat ideas for customized sunglasses for a wedding include having the bridal and groom parties wear shades you choose for them, or perhaps, give them to all attendees at a bridal shower.

Our selection includes sunglasses featuring iconic black frames, but you can also find fashionable frame colors such as blue, pink and orange. Customized sunglasses are a great way to make your event stand out while also giving your guests a fun accessory to enjoy during and after the celebration.