More Hen Party

More Hen Party

Hen parties are as unique as the bride they’re honouring.

That’s why we’ve got these party additional inexpensive party accessories to give your hen party some extra pop.

Celebrate the bride with a confetti shower. Our confetti poppers are easy to use and have personlised labels you can add the party details to. An easy way to make them fit your hen party. That could be a house party with fun games, competitions, and fancy cocktails, or a night on the town dancing from club to club.

Pack day-after hangover kits for bachelorette party guests using our cute canvas drawstring pouches. They can hold cool inexpensive favour items like hangover medicine, electrolyte-filled drinks, favorite hangover candy, a sleep mask for the ride home, sunglasses, or even the hair of the dog. Whatever you think your bridesmaids need to get them back to fully functioning after a fun night. It's a fun, cheap idea to help take care of everyone recover from the festivities of the night before.

Each hen party celebration is customised to the bride, so we’ve got the accessories to help make her last night as a single lady a fabulous time. That way, it’s simple for the party planner to make things look beautiful, keep the party fresh, and ensure everyone has fun, especially the bride.