Men's Travel & Toiletry Bags

Personalised Men’s Travel & Toiletry Bags - Carry-On

Keep travel toiletries, grooming accessories and other essentials organized with our collection of personalised men’s travel bags and toiletry bags. Crafted of canvas and other materials, these bags are easy to carry and compact enough to fit inside of a backpack, duffle bag or carry-on luggage. On the outside of the bag, there is sophisticated two-tone styling that features zip closures and one or two handles, depending on the style. Bags feature neutral colour combinations such as beige and brown or dark and light grey, or choose a solid black colour. You can customise a bag with a monogrammed initial, two initials or a first name depending on your preference.
Every bag features a main storage compartment. If extra storage is desired, choose a bag with duo or multiple compartments. All sorts of items can be stored within each compartment, and this ability to organize by compartment prevents the need to hunt around for specific items such as car keys or a razor.